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Safety4Me is software application that enables the inclusion of patients in the healthcare experience. Placing the patient in the center of their own care during hospitalization. 10% of all hospitalizations have the possibility of a significant adverse event that could be avoided by following the recommendations of the 6 patient safety goals defined by the World Health Organization (WHO). Even with healthcare teams working hard to minimize risks, patient care is the responsibility of all those around them, including the patient and their families. To help with this task, the app Safety4me has a multidisciplinary team of heroes: Dr. Rafael, nurse Florence, administrator Fernando, nutritionist Antonia, physiotherapist Hector, nursing technician Ana.

Our mission is too ensure patient safety by reducing adverse events.

Patient safety: avoid errors that may occur when not following safety protocols . Safety4me multidisciplinary team is an ally of the worldwide patient safety movement discussed by inspiring institutions: the World Health Organization (WHO), the Patient Safety Movement Foundation, the Institute for Health Care Improvement (IHI) and The Beryl Institute. Safety is at the heart of the patient experience.