To hospitals

We create and foster a patient safety community that is patient-oriented and can be the voice of patients to hospital managers.


As patients use our plattform, they generate information relevant to hospitals about quality and safety. This information, entered by patients and their caregivers, is provided anonymously and consolidated in order to create a map of quality and safety within the healthcare institution.

Our dashboards offer the following information in REAL TIME:

– Patient perception of safety issues through the Patient Safety Net Promoter Score (NPS-S)

We make this information available in several ways:
– by safety protocol
– by sector/floor
– by healthcare insurance plan, when informed by the patient
– different periods of time

In addition, we provide a REAL-TIME COMMUNICATION CHANNEL between patients and hospitals.

The patient’s experience is recorded at the time of discharge using the HCAHPS – Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems – HCAHPS questionnaire.

Our DASHBOARDS are all in the “cloud”, with no need of integration with any system. it’s PLUG AND PLAY.

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