Who we are - Safety4me

It's nice to meet you We are a safe educational environment

We are a multidisciplinary team connected by the mission of listening to patients to transform care.

Our work proposal is divided into three offers: Platform SAFETY4ME; Consultancy and Training to strengthen patient safety culture.

Currently, in up to 10% of hospitalizations there is the possibility of some significant medical error that could be avoided by following the recommendations of the 6 patient safety goals, defined by the World Health Organization (WHO). Even with all the efforts of healthcare teams to minimize the risks, patient care is the responsibility of everyone around them.

SAFETY4ME is born out of the vocation of its partners in undertaking for life. Created by Salvador Gullo Neto, MD, PhD, today, CEO of SAFETY4ME, it has in its executive colleagues Caroline Souto, our CXO, and Eduardo Friedrich, CTO and partner at Numeria Informática, the partnership to expand the communication and education of patients and healthcare teams. through technology.