Our mission is too ensure patient safety by reducing adverse events

For Patients and caregivers

The Safety4me team is here to help individuals have a safer hospital stay, and expedited discharge without errors.

For hospitals and health insurances

We create and foster a patient-safe and a patient-oriented community that can be the voice of patients with hospital managers.

For Affiliate Partner

We connect with caring partners whose mission is to foster the patient safety community by bringing Safety4me into healthcare environments.

Who we are?

Safety4Me is software application that enables the inclusion of patients in the healthcare experience. Placing the patient in the center of their own care during hospitalization. 10% of all hospitalizations have the possibility of a significant adverse event that could be avoided by following the recommendations of the 6 patient safety goals defined by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Safety is everyone’s responsability!

Even with healthcare teams working hard to minimize risks, patient care is the responsibility of all those around them, including the patient and their families.

We are all part of the team!

To help with this task, the app Safety4me has a multidisciplinary team of heroes: Dr. Rafael, nurse Florence, administrator Fernando, nutritionist Antonia, physical therapist Hector, nursing technician Ana and pharmacist Graça.

6 Safety Goals

Goal 1 - Identify patients correctly

Goal 2 - Improve effective communication

Goal 3 - Improve the safety of high-alert medications

Goal 4 - Ensure Safe surgery

Goal 5 - Reduce the risk of health care associated infections

Goal 6 - Reduce the risk of patient harm resulting from falls

Who are using Safety4Me?

Programa de Gerenciamento da Saúde

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Hospital Divina Providência

[Visit website]

Unimed Planalto Central/RS

[Visit website]

Unimed Nordeste-RS

[Visit website]

Hospital Ernesto Dornelles

[Visit website]

Seguros Unimed

[Visit website]

Unimed Juiz de Fora

[Visit website]

Unimed Vale do Cai

[Visit website]

Hospital São Lucas

[Visit website]

Unimed Pelotas-RS

[Visit website]

Unimed Noroeste-RS

[Visit website]

Unimed Vales do Taquari e Rio Pardo

[Visit website]

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Congratulations! Very interesting initiative to educate, promote better understanding and better care! It’s a huge success since the day it was launched!

Christian Tudesco

Excelente method to inform what is necessary for good care.

Letiene Ferreira

Genius! And quite simple, the way it should be! Empowering patients with Dr Rafael is a light at the end of the tunnel. It’s a world of opportunities for managers and patients. Congratulations, Fantastic!

Hugo Borges

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