For patients, caregivers and family members

SAFETY4ME team is here to help you to have a safer recovery. If you understand what is the safety protocols healthcare settings must follow, you will be able to participate more actively as a member of the care team. If you are in any healthcare institution or at home, access the SAFETY4ME platform and check out the information you need to know in order to evaluate the institution and contribute to the transformation of care. The use of the platform is free, anonymous and your information is protected, respecting all national and international data confidentiality rules. In addition to learning about patient safety protocols, you will be able to evaluate your care. There is also a possibility for you to give suggestions, compliment or notification that something is not happening or has not happened as expected. This is a direct channel with the healthcare team’s institution. Our intention is to provide you, patient or companion and family, qualified and easy-to-understand information, in addition to connecting you directly with the quality and safety sector of healthcare institutions, in real time.