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For patient, caregiver, and family members

SAFETY4ME is here to help you to identify the potential risks of your treatment and prevent it. If you understand the safety protocols that healthcare providers should follow, you can participate actively in your own care as an active member of the healthcare team. If you are receiving treatment in a hospital, in a clinic, or at home, click here – SAFETY4MEand check the information you need to evaluate your healthcare provider and contribute to transform healthcare based on patient’s perception and needs. SAFETY4ME is free, anonymous, and your information will be protected, respecting all national and international data confidentiality policies (HIPPA compliance). Furthermore, there is also the possibility to forward your suggestion, compliment or notification about your experience. This is a direct channel with the healthcare providers. Our intention is to provide you high quality information about patient safety, and to connect you directly, with the quality and safety office, on a real time basis.