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The prevalence of adverse events in healthcare is still a major challenge to be faced and patient and family engagement is essential. In Brazil, it is estimated that more than 200,000 patients die annually from failures during hospital stay according to the II Anuário de Segurança Hospitalar do Brasil, 2018.

In this sense, we proudly introduce to the healthcare sector the SAFETY4ME First Report with user perception of the patient safety protocols compliance, recommended by the Brazilian Ministry of Health. These initial results obtained through the SAFETY4ME platform aim to increase the engagement of healthcare institutions in safety and patient-centered care.

With the mission of “LISTEN TO PATIENTS TO TRANSFORM CARE”, the SAFETY4ME platform explains to users, in a playful and gamified way, what is patient safety and how they can help in their own care.

SAFETY4ME platform also provides a communication channel between users and the patient safety office, allowing patients a real-time connection with the healthcare team.
While users interact with the platform, they generate data that we translate in manageable numbers, for the use of hospital managers to improve safety process.

As a methodology, we adopted the Net Promoter Score – NPS, widely recognized in healthcare market, adapted for the concept of Patient Safety. We call it the Net Promoter Score for Safety, or simply, NPS-S, which captures user experience regarding to safety aspects during care.

This valuable information has been used by healthcare institutions to redesign process based on patient needs and is available to all members of the SAFETY4ME community.

In times of pandemic, it has never been more relevant to talk about patient safety. Promoting true transformation in healthcare is our challenge and healthcare professional obligation. We strongly believe that the first step towards this transformation is giving voice to our patients.



Learn users perception about patient safety of the Brazilian Healthcare System.